Perfect Theology – Chapter 4

Title: Perfect Theology – Chapter 4
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka
Rating: PG-13 for now
Status: WIP
Summary: Because no one has a perfectly foolproof method to approach love and life. Including Konoha’s famed Copy Nin.

The bubbles floated serenely in the air, reflecting whorls of pink and green, as well as the scowling face of the young Genin. As it popped, the blond-haired boy plunged his sponge back into a red bucket filled to the brim with soapy liquid. More bubbles sailed upwards, and the boy beside him straightened up wearily, bringing a pale hand up to wipe beads of perspiration off his forehead. Was there no end to the tiles in this bath house? They d been here for hours and didn t seem to even be close to being halfway done. Of course, that might have been due to the fact that their supervisor kept telling them to re-clean areas.

A voice sounded behind the tired and wet pair. “Keep working, you two. Not done yet.”

Perched on a rickety wooden chair, Kakashi watched the two male members of his team scrub dejectedly at the bathhouse tiles. Unusually, his ever-present orange book lay closed, balanced on his right knee. The elite Jounin was apparently completely absorbed with scribbling rapidly into a notebook, pausing every so often to ponder over a word or phrase. A smirk was plainly visible through his dark mask, and he chuckled every few minutes. Dishing out punishment could be so oddly satisfying.

Strangely enough, each scratch of the pencil and each chuckle seemed to agitate Naruto.

“Sasuke,” the silver-haired man drawled out. “How would you describe the way your hands were fondling Naruto?” The ninja in question flinched, but maintained a stoic silence.

His companion, however, was not so collected.

“You bastard!” Leaping to his feet, the boy pointed an accusing finger at his still-writing sensei. “This was all your fault!”

“Must you be so loud?” All the while, the Copy Nin continued to write, turning his attention to his other student. He was vastly amused by their actions in Iruka s classroom, and felt an account of it deserved to be written and possibly published. An embellished account, of course. “How about ‘amorously,’ Sasuke? Do you like that word? ‘The dark-haired boy ran his hands over tan thighs amorously.’ Sounds almost poetic, don’t you think?” He paused. “Or maybe lustfully? Naruto, do you think Sasuke was groping you in an amorous or lustful way?”

Apparently, this was all the blond could take. Grabbing the nearest object, his sponge, he hurled it with all his might at the offending instructor.

Kakashi sighed, exasperated. As an elite shinobi of Konoha, he could spot the flex of arm muscles easily, determine the sponge’s trajectory, and dodge without even pausing in his writing. The benefit, though, of being Kakashi meant he also could form the katas of a simple water jutsu within the blink of an eye ..and send the belligerent Naruto crashing to the floor, even before the sponge was drawn back to the earth due to gravity. While his student started cursing up a storm, Kakashi continued his future novel.

“Yep, I think amorously is a good word.”

Right, right, wrong.

Wrong again. Right right half credit.

Put the pen down. Bang head on table. And repeat.

Needless to say, Iruka was not getting a lot of grading done.

Needless to say, Iruka was not getting a lot of grading done.

Why? Because that very question was harassing at his mind. Why? Why did he consent on a date? Why did he even dare suggest one? And for the thousandth time, he scoured his befuddled mind for the non-existent answer. After Kakashi had left today, Iruka had felt delayed doubt set in. A myriad of questions popped into his mind: was this a good idea? Would this even end well? What was Kakashi looking for from him? His previous experiences with the Jounin hadn’t been all bad, but they hadn’t been all good either. It was a duality that was common when Hatake Kakashi was around, and it made Iruka wonder if he was going to enjoy himself or go crazy. Kakashi had grinned that usual, confident grin of his, sliding two fingers to his chin. “Seven o’clock, Friday?” The one visible eye closed in contentment. “It’ll be fun.”

“Fun.” The Chuunin snorted. He knew better than to think Kakashi s definition of fun was anywhere near normal. Fun, as in dinner and a movie, fun? Walk in the nearby park brand of fun? “More like, nailing me to the wall, fun,” He muttered. And yet, the teacher couldn’t contain the small smile on his lips as he picked up the red grading pen once more. Perhaps it wouldn t be all bad.


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