Perfect Theology – Chapter 8

Title: Perfect Theology – Chapter 8
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka
Rating: PG-13 for now
Status: WIP
Summary: Because no one has a perfectly foolproof method to approach love and life. Including Konoha’s famed Copy Nin.

A/N: Writing the first part of this chapter made me feel ridiculous… ^_^;;

Back Then…

Princess Nadeshiko smoothed the front of her kimono, its silver-white folds crisply silent. Her eyes looked everywhere, except at the dark figure kneeling before her. “Please, Nakamura-sama, don’t do this to me.” Her musical voice was woeful, pale hands clasped before her in a plea.

Shin’s bright green eyes never left her face as she spoke, his hands lightly gripping the sheathed sword in his lap. “My lady, I have faced more than any other man so that I may bask in your presence.” Nadeshiko tried to turn away, but he caught her pale hand in his calloused one. “Just as I swore I would all those years ago.”

She shivered, but did not draw her hand away. “We were children, Shin,” she whispered. “What am I but a bird in a gilded cage? I cannot make you happy.” The princess met his intense gaze at last, almost faltering at the emotion within them. “My father will stop at nothing to have you put away! My love, if you stay here…I fear the worst for you.”

He tried to rise, but she placed a soft finger on his lips. “My life is not my own to give. Why do you persist so?”

Fluidly, in a motion that made the princess gasp, Shin swept her into his arms. She twisted slightly, managing to sit on his lap, rather than straddle him, as she suspected had been his intention. Nadeshiko looked at him as sternly as she could manage from her seating. “Awful as ever.”

He merely chuckled, placing a cheeky kiss to her ear. “Listen to me, dearest.” He breathed low into her ear, watching black strands of hair sway gently. “I endured my exile, at your father’s command, in hopes that time and distance might whittle away at my need for you.” Shin slid a hand up the smooth kimono folds, tracing an outline of her shapely legs. He smirked when she shivered in his arms, but didn’t protest. “I’ve seen nothing but the brutish side of existence for years. It should have driven me mad, but all it did was rob me of times of happiness I should have spent at your side.”

The warrior drew her closer, her smaller form flush against him. “My lady, you fail to realize that your love means everything to me. I’ve seen too much of the sword and of bloodshed, of death and the darker side of humanity to be perfectly at peace, but…” He dipped his head, nudging his lips against her warm cheek. “The memory of you, Princess, brings quiet to my battered soul.” Meeting no resistance, he pressed a gentle kiss to her lips, lingering long enough too draw a quiet moan from her. “Love and its acts can keep even the mightiest savage at bay.” Shin’s hand found the edge of her kimono, and slipped two fingers under the white cloth. When she didn’t protest, he slowly, inch by inch, slid the silken garment off her shoulders. “Let me show you the unparalleled delight that your mere touch inspires.” He felt Nadeshiko relax in his arms, assenting with a fierce blush in her cheeks. “Let me show you heaven on Earth, my darling.”

Nadeshiko gasped, small hands holding onto his broad shoulders as hot lips found the bare skin of her neck, and gentle, battle-worn hands slid up her belly to caress the soft flesh of her bountiful-

Iruka jerked as Kakashi snapped the book shut, a smile curving his lips. “Good eh?”

He scowled, trying to get out from under Kakashis arm. “Okay, is that the one you want? Let’s get out of-”

“But Sensei, you didn’t tell me what you think of it yet.” Kakashis grip didn’t budge, firmly trapping the other man in place. “Personally, I think this is one of Jiraiyas better works. If you just read a little further it-”

The Chuunin balked, once again trying to escape from the Jounins grip. “No, I think I’ve read enough for-”

“But just a few paragraphs further and there’s this really-”

Iruka paled as Kakashi started to open the book again and move it towards his eyes. He had a pretty good idea where the story had been going and he had no desire to actually see it with his own two eyes.

“See this is the part where the princess-” Kakashi blinked as a cloud of smoke suddenly enshrouded the Chuunin, leaving in his place a wooden log. “Did you just,” He glanced around the room, and found the other man crouched nervously in a far corner. “Did you just use…substitution to get away?” A wide grin stretched his lips.

Iruka straightened up, trying his best not to turn redder than he already was. “Um, I think you seem to enjoy that one so…” He seethed inwardly: this was quite possibly the most embarrassing moment of his life. However, he should stand strong! He was a Chuunin, dammit. He should not let a BOOK of all things frighten him off from-

“But Iruka-sensei, you haven’t read these three other books I wanted your opinion on!” Kakashi started to approach the nervous man, brandishing three orange volumes.

“GAH!” Before Kakashi could react, Iruka took his wallet out, hastily threw a few bills at the Jounin, tore open the room door, and escaped into the sunlit streets of Konoha. In the back of his mind, Iruka was aware this wasn t exactly the most dignified of reactions. However, it was certainly the lesser of two evils.

The Copy Nin blinked twice, watching the money Iruka had thrown float lazily to the floor. The Chuunin was faster than he’d expected. Hm. That was interesting. He picked up the bills off the floor. “Oh, he gave me too much!” Placing the other three books back on the shelf, Kakashi made his way happily back to the cashier.


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