As You Wish, General: Chapter 2 (NC-17)

Title: As You Wish, General: Chapter 2
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
Summary: Set before Chapter 515 in the manga. Tomorrow, General Kakashi will lead his troops to war. But Iruka has to stay behind. (one-shot)


Not suitable for individuals under the age of 17.

You have been warned!

“Hm, I like the sound of that.” Kakashi briskly pulled the shirt up and over Iruka’s head, tossing it onto the floor. “Maybe next time we should try some role playing, hm? I’ll be the big bad Hokage and you can be an innocent little-”

Iruka shivered as a hot tongue slowly worked its way down to his belly. “Kakashi…”

“General.” The Jounin nipped the taut skin before him, eliciting a gasp from his lover. “I’ll have to punish you for forgetting my title.” He chuckled, deft fingers slipping into the other mans waistband before pulling the entire garment off.

“Oh, forgive me…General Kakashi.” Iruka threaded his fingers through the other man’s hair, ghostly white in the dim light, and pulled him close. “I guess I forgot my place.” Their lips met, and Iruka was anything but contrite in his kiss.

Kakashi couldn’t hold back a smirk. When they’d first gotten together, he’d wondered if Iruka would be intimidated by him. After all, Hatake Kakashi was a genius, in and out of bed. However, he’d been surprised but delighted to find that beneath that proper, prudish exterior, Umino Iruka concealed a sexual appetite to rival his own. And ever the gentleman, Kakashi did his best to satiate that appetite. That didn’t mean Iruka would start reading Icha Icha Paradise or anything, but the Jounin found out on their first night together that the younger man was wonderfully receptive to his more…unique suggestions and kinks.

“Hmm.” He bit down gently on tender skin, tightening his hold as Iruka squirmed. “I’m afraid apologizing isn’t going to help you this time…” With agonizing slowness and tongue and teeth, Kakashi made his way lower and lower along flushed flesh.

“God, Kakashi,” Iruka hissed, hands clenched desperately in the bedsheets as he struggled against his lover’s grip. “Stop teasing.”

“For a subordinate, you’re rather demanding.” The older man drawled in reply. He liked to tease and push at the Chuunins patience; it brought out the side of him that no one else in Iruka’s life got to see.

But then again, his patience was wearing thin too.

Iruka let out a shaky breath as strong fingers first caressed then firmly stroked his aching cock, sending shivers of pleasure up his spine. Sometimes, he swore the man would drive him crazy with his teasing; but luckily for both of them, Hatake Kakashi was far from a disappointing lover.

He felt a puff of warm breath before finally, moist lips began to trace sensitive flesh. His eyes fell shut, and Iruka groaned as Kakashi ran his tongue first along the base of his erection then licked a broad stroke to the very tip.

“Oh God, Kakashi,” Iruka’s fingers wove themselves into messy silver hair. “G-General.”

“Mmm, good boy.” The Jounin licked the very tip, already tasting pre-come. The fingers in his hair tightened with impatience. With a chuckle and one more teasing lick, he shifted his hands to Iruka’s hips, kneading gently.

Iruka forced his eyes open, leaning slightly up to look down at Kakashi. Watching the man go down on him was almost as sensual as the act itself, and it never failed to make him ache for the Jounin. And he wasn’t disappointed as a prelude of feather-soft licks gave way to parted lips suddenly enveloping the head of his cock. The sudden rush of sensation caused him to gasp, hips thrusting pleadingly against the hands holding him down. Hands gripped his skin firmly, keeping him pinned to the bed as Kakashi slid his mouth down and Iruka’s world became just sweet searing wet heat. Luscious desire and need pulled his consciousness deeper and deeper until it seemed like it only the two of them mattered.

“Ka…Kakashi…ahhh.” He had no idea when he’d closed his eyes again, but it didn’t matter as his lover started to move, sliding his lips up before sucking his way back down to the base. Sparks crackled in the black of his vision as corresponding shocks of hard sensation tightened his groin. He barely registered a slick finger slide down pass his balls and find tight flesh. That talented tongue swirled around the tip as the finger pushed gently through resisting muscle and up inside him. The other hand slid to his inner thigh, stroking reassuringly as another finger joined to stretch him further.

“Faster, General,” He panted, the need inside him already burning too hot and too intensely for Iruka to ignore any longer. “Fuck me, now.” He thrust roughly against Kakashi’s fingers.

But the Jounin was the ever-considerate lover. As he continued sucking steadily, his hand slowly and patiently stretched taut muscles and skin. It took quite a bit of restraint on his part, especially with Iruka shifting so urgently and keening his name in a tone that could only be described as darkly erotic. “So needy, Iruka-sensei.” He pushed in one last finger, brushing firmly against wet hot flesh. With equal care, he slid his fingers out with an agonizingly slow pace, running them gently back up that flat stomach. He also slowed his sucking to a unhurried up and down motion, taking his time to feel feverish smooth skin on his tongue and taste the pre-come leaking out in streams.

Fine tremors rushed up his body, and Iruka felt heat and need and impatience coalesce into sharp tension in his groin. That damn Jounin, always such a tease. Normally, he put up with it as best he could. Tonight though, he was desperate to feel and to hold tight onto the other man, because who knew when next they would be able to meet again.

Reaching down, he surprised Kakashi by taking a firm hold of his chin and tilting the other man’s face to meet his gaze.

“Iruka, wha-” But he was cut off forcibly as the younger man leaned in and bit down on his already swollen lips. Wet hot licks soothed at the bites, before slipping past his lips to form a ferocious kiss that clearly said who was in charge. He started to kiss back, but a hand abruptly pushed his chest, sending him backwards onto the sheets. He didn’t complain, though, as his lover immediately moved on top of him and tan legs straddled his hips. “Oh, is this insubordination?” His playful taunt ended in a hiss as hands gripped his cock and stroked. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Iruka smirked, guiding Kakashi into position and pushing down onto him. “Oh god-” His eyes fluttered closed and he breathed in sharply as slick heat slid deep into him, filling and consuming. As he lowered himself fully onto Kakashi’s thick cock, skitters of pleasure ran up his spine in a sudden blaze. He felt hands grip his hips, helping him to move. “Ka..Kashi.”

The Jounin slowly started to move, thrusting up into tight blissful heat. His eyes drank in the sight of Iruka, flushed and sweating lightly from lust, riding him with increasing speed. Soft moans spilled from his lips as he repeated Kakashi’s name like a mantra. They settled into a quick, frenetic rhythm, slim hips pounding down onto the answering roll of his body. With every push, his control frayed and fell away until he was thrusting up hard into the other man, hands pushing Iruka up and then pulling him back down over and over, burying himself to the hilt with each stroke.

Iruka braced one hand on Kakashi’s thigh, the other desperately clutching at the sheets in a tight knot. Every thrust sent intense thrills of pleasure through his every nerves, building tension coiling in his groin and squeezing the cock inside him even tighter. It was all too good and too much at the same time, light eclipsing any other thoughts, focusing just on finding completion. The slide of hard slick flesh into him was like perfect fire snaking up and ensnaring his senses, drawing him closer and closer to a white point.  He gasped when Kakashi moved a hand to his aching member, fingering the head before stroking to match their fast pace. It was enough and he came in a sudden rush, body pulsing and convulsing as for a  few heartbeats his world was pure desire reaching a climax and flowing sharply from him in shuddering waves.

Kakashi groaned as Iruka tightened impossibly around his cock, pushing him over the edge. He dimly felt hot drops spill onto his hand as he pushed one last time up, deep as he could and the curling tension in his body snapped. He came in an almost painful, throbbing burst, pressing flush against Iruka, emptying himself far inside.

It was a few moments before his awareness returned, with Iruka sprawled exhausted on top of him.Their breaths came in short pants that gradually slowed. Languidly, Kakashi slid his hand to his lover’s cheek, pressing a soft slow kiss to his mouth. “Shower?” He got a sleepy murmur in reply. “In a little bit then.”

The younger man nodded, carefully rolling off Kakashi. In the silence that followed, he noticed the rain had almost completely stopped. It would be morning soon. He settled his head next to Kakashi’s. The other man snaked an arm lightly around his shoulders. “Kakashi,” he said, quietly.

The Jounin turned slightly, silver hair mingling with brown strands. “Hm?”

“Promise me something.” Iruka hesitated, his fingers picking nervously at the bedsheets. “…Come home safely.” He knew it was a selfish request, but it had bothered him for days.

For a long, somber moment, Kakashi didn’t answer. Slowly, he reached down and found the younger man’s hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. “You know I can’t do that.” He could intuitively feel the worry and fear swirling in his lover, but it was better to be honest.

“I know, I’m sorry for-”

“But,” Kakashi pecked him lightly on the corner of his mouth. “I promise to love you, regardless of what may happen.”

And Iruka wasn’t sure whether to cry, laugh, or smile back. But it didn’t matter, because it was enough. “Okay.”


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