Inheritance of Hatred: Chapter 6

Title: Inheritance of Hatred: Chapter 6
Pairing: Eventual SasuNaru
Rating: PG-13
Status: WIP
Summary: As the Fourth Shinobi World War rages on, Naruto has only one goal: Uchiha Sasuke. He’s trained, he’s chased, and he’s hoped through the past few years, all for the sake of his wayward teammate. But it will all end here.



A/N: Eek, this isn’t coming along as quickly as I’d like. I know perfectly well how I want the plot to go, but it’s writing the action/fight sequences that slow me down. It takes a while because I like to be accurate in what technique is used and how it is described, and writing action isn’t my forte, I think.


A feral grin widened Kabuto’s lips, revealing yellow-tinged teeth. “Why Kakashi, you make it sound like taking me down is a simple task.” He shifted his footing, the hood falling away from his head. “Though it’s Naruto and the monster locked inside him that Madara wants, I would be more than happy to study you.” His hands slipped out from the long sleeves of his cloak, giving off a bright blue glow as he focused energy there for the chakra scalpel technique. “What a treasure trove of information your eye must contain.”

Kakashi narrowed his eyes slightly, the Sharingan spinning menacingly. “I wonder what’s the point of all your experimentation, Kabuto. After all, for all your study and tests, you still lack the most essential aspects of a good shinobi.” Lightly, his fingers gripped a kunai, pulling it smoothly from his right leg holster. “You were a spoiled brat then and still are to this day.”

The medical nin sneered at the barb, biting into his pale thumb. “The man you are is nothing compared to the being that I have become.” Blood dribbled down from the pierced flesh as he bent towards the ground. “Kuchiyose-”

Bijū Rasengan!” The air vibrated and thrummed with concentrated energy as Naruto aimed the dense sphere of whirling black chakra at Kabuto, moving in the blink of an eye. The sheer momentum vibrated loudly like the roaring of an oncoming wave, sending shock-waves outwards. Nine Tails chakra trailed in its wake like a fiery comet’s tail, hissing with destructive power as it burned.

His target tried to dodge, jerking to the side, but was moments too late. The attack clipped Kabuto on his abdomen, gale-force rotation sending both of them flying in opposite directions. Cloth and skin were shredded instantly, bright red blood spurting from his side as Kabuto slammed into the ground several meters away. His dark eyes flashed in anger and pain as he pushed himself up, pressing a hand to his injury. Opposite him, Kakashi coolly flicked his hand, calmly dispelling the genjutsu of Naruto standing next to him. Grudgingly, he had to admit it was a clever ruse. “Perhaps you deserve your reputation after all.” He pressed his palm to the gushing wound, pumping chakra quickly into the torn flesh. Immediately, the bleeding slowed as skin knit itself back together and ruptured blood vessels were repaired. Kabuto stopped as soon as the worse of the damage had been sealed; if that was an example of the arsenal of attacks the jinchuuriki had up his sleeve, he would have to conserve his energy.

Naruto groaned, slightly dizzy from the maneuver as Kakashi helped him back to his feet. “I think the chakra ratio is still off.” Killer Bee had warned him that even the slightest mistake in the combination would make the Tailed Beast Rasengan hard to control. Combined with the immense weight of the concentrated chakra, and it was proving to be a difficult technique to aim precisely. He let the bright chakra withdraw, fading back behind its seal.

“Well, we have other options.” He stepped to the side, squaring off as Kabuto made to stand. The other man seemed to be holding back, unwilling to fight at full force. Most likely he had to preserve a threshold of chakra in order to maintain his control over the shinobi he’d resurrected with his Edo Tensei. Definitely to his and Naruto’s advantage. “Raiton: Raijū Hashiri no Jutsu.” With a snapping crackle, an electric blue current burst from his gloved hands, following his finger motions. It spun erratically between the three ninjas before taking on the jagged shape of a hound, baring fangs sparking with deadly voltage. The smell of singed atmosphere filled the air as the beast reared its head and charged, claws carving deep gouges into the earth.

Suiton: Suijinheki.” Inhaling deeply, the gray-haired man performed a quick succession of seals, exhaling out and transforming the chakra into a torrent of water. It quickly expanded upwards, forming a constantly shifting liquid wall in front of its user. Sparks and drops of water flew in all directions as the two jutsus collided, drenching the three men moving swiftly around each other and pooling on the ground.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” Three clones appeared, circling around the original. Leaping backwards from the spray, Naruto smashed two smoke shells in front of him, the resulting cloud obscuring the four Narutos from view.

“You’re becoming too predictable, Naruto.” As the wave began to collapse, Kabuto looked to both sides, scowling. Kakashi had disappeared-

Without warning, a sharp pain suddenly flared from his serpentine tail. He whipped around, hissing angrily as the kunai embedded into his appendage dug in deeper, pinning it in place.

Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu.” A gloved hand erupted from the dry ground, seizing onto Kabuto’s ankle. “Suirō no Jutsu.” The many puddles of water on the field suddenly shimmered, slipping through the dirt like a sentient creature and collecting around Kakashi’s hand in a rapidly expanding orb to form a watery trap.

Snapping his arm up, Kabuto managed to yank it free from the Water Prison before it fully engaged. “Sen’ei Tajashu.” The dark cloth of his cloak’s arm was torn into tatters as a swarm of snakes hurled out from his sleeve, flashing tapered fangs and encircling the Copy Ninja’s fist. “Careless, Kakashi,” he hissed as the hand quickly withdrew back into the ground, causing the water cage to collapse back into harmless splatters of water. Kabuto flicked his fingers, and the summoned snakes immediately clustered around the hole left in the earth. “Kill him.” He flinched, senses screaming a warning as he tried to turn-

“Eat this, you bastard!” Naruto’s eyes glared determinedly across the field, irises yellow from the sage energy powering his movements. He stood between two identical shadow clones, massive amounts of chakra gathering between their hands fast being shaped into deadly form.  “Fūton: Rasenshuriken!” A deafening, bell-like screech wailed through their ears as he threw the chakra shuriken. It whistled through the air, whipping up fierce gusts as it shot out quicker than the eye could follow.

Fuck, he thought desperately. The snakes gathered in front of Kabuto, but he already knew they’d be no good as a shield. His body instinctively jumped to the left, expelling chakra from his heels for extra lift. But as the Rasenshuriken approached, a burning sensation snapped at his tail, pulling him back down like a anchor. Kakashi’s damn kunai

An unearthly howl of pain rose as the four spinning energy points chewed into Kabuto’s left leg, slicing through sinew and bone easily like a hot knife through paper. His summons disintegrated, instantly overpowered by the onslaught. On impact it expanded, cratering the ground around the medical nin as violent wind chakra exploded out and cut into his lower body. His stance faltered, the destroyed leg buckling under his own weight. As he fell to the ground, Kabuto focused chakra to his lower regions. His right leg had gone numb from the attack, and the shooting tendrils of pain splintering up his calf and thigh told him that his chakra pathways had taken extreme damage; the left leg was horrifically severed from the knee down. “Shōsen Jutsu,” he forced through gritted teeth, pushing forth healing energy as quickly as possible. He managed to staunch the blood flow, just as Kakashi and Naruto started to circle closer.

No choice, he thought angrily, slamming his left hand down into a puddle of his own blood. “Kuchiyose no Jutsu.



Fingers lightly tracing the earthen walls, Sasuke made his way slowly down the dark hallway. He didn’t need to hold on to the wall, but did it more for something to occupy his mind and hands, if even for a few moments. Though the lighting was minimal, he had no problem seeing to the end of the corridor; his new eyes were impressive indeed.

Run, run and cling to life, and when you have the same eyes as mine, come to me

These eyes were his, his alone. He repeated it like a mantra in his mind, forcing aside the cold voice that kept rising up like a waking nightmare. He refused to accept the voice to be real; it was merely an after-effect of the surgery and too little sleep. It was just a weakness within him that he had to put down and coerce into silence. It was just an obstacle that came with his new, greater power. It was not his dead brother whispering things he didn’t need to hear and spreading doubt into his being…

“I thought I told you to rest.”

Sasuke turned his head a few degrees, sparing a glance to the masked man standing behind him. “I’m fine,” he said curtly, taking his hand off the wall.

Madara shook his head, brushing past the younger Uchiha. “Don’t rush it, Sasuke. Or you’ll be useless when you go beat down your little rival.”

The dark-haired boy’s eyes flashed at the mention of Naruto, but Madara was already walking away. “Where are you going?” He wasn’t particularly concerned about where the man was headed, but the comment about the blond had hit too close to home.

Madara didn’t turn, his low voice bouncing hollowly off the wide open space. “The Eight Tails and Nine Tails have finally come into play. Be a good boy and finish healing while I take care of them.”

He watched wordlessly as Madara disappeared from view, fading easily into the shadows. So Naruto had entered the war at last. Sasuke had half-expected himself to sense it, but Madara undoubtedly had more accurate detection methods than him. And yet…

The Uchiha followed the hallway to the very end, where the way split into two staircases. One led up towards the outside, while the other went back down into the private chambers, including his room. For a few moments, he stood deliberating in the dark. The constant humming of sound in his head was wearying, and the thought of rest was quite tempting.

there’s no rest for the wicked, little brother

With an irritated grunt, Sasuke trudged briskly up the stairwell. If he tried to rest, Itachi and his damnable words would just follow him and disturb his sleep. He could rest later. For now, all Sasuke wanted was a breath of fresh air.



A/N: Jutsus referenced- (wow, lots of jutsus today lol)

1. Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Summoning Technique.

2. Bijū Rasengan: Tailed Beast Rasengan.

3. Raiton: Raijū Hashiri no Jutsu: Lightning release- Lightning Beast Running technique.

4. Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei- Summoning: Impure World Resurrection/Reanimation.

5. Suiton: Suijinheki Water Release: Water Encampment Wall/Barrier.

6. Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu – Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique.

7. Suirō no Jutsu: Water Prison technique.

8. Sen’ei Tajashu: Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands/ Multiple Striking Shadow Snakes.

9. Fūton: Rasenshuriken – Wind Release: Rasenshuriken.

10. Shōsen Jutsu: Mystical Palm Technique/Healing Jutsu.


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