Inheritance of Hatred: Chapter 9

Title: Inheritance of Hatred: Chapter 9
Pairing: Eventual NaruSasu
Rating: PG-13
Status: WIP
Summary: As the Fourth Shinobi World War rages on, Naruto has only one goal: bring back Uchiha Sasuke. He’s trained, he’s chased, and he’s hoped through the past few years, all for the sake of his wayward teammate. But it will all end here.



A/N: I made several revelations here that are decidedly non-canon. They’re just some things I thought would work well in this storyline…and to piss off Sasuke =D. This is supposed to be a SasuNaru/NaruSasu fic eventually, but I re-read some chapters and noticed that I write mostly from Kakashi’s point of view…lol. Can you guess who my fave character is? XD



“Sasuke.” Naruto rose to his feet immediately, mouth slightly agape. Time seemed to freeze for a several heartbeats, surprise stilling his movements.

The dark eyes glaring straight back at him were cold; and yet, he was unwilling to meet Naruto’s intense stare. Instead, Sasuke turned to look at Shikamaru, Sai, and Kakashi in turn. When he was facing his former sensei, the dark-haired boy smirked. “Back for more, Kakashi?”

The Jounin’s face remained impassive as he got to his feet, voice calm. “Don’t misunderstand us, Sasuke. We’re here only for Naruto’s sake. Even so, I doubt that you deserve the faith he exhibits in you.” He turned his head the barest amount to the side, not taking his eyes off the Uchiha. “Shikamaru, Sai,” He said quietly. “Get Yamato-sensei out of here. Leave Sasuke to us.”

Beside him, Naruto looked sharply at his team leader. “Kakashi-sensei, let me-”

“No.” The Copy Ninja said briskly, stepping to stand between Sasuke and the rest of his team. Pakkun and Shiba circled in front of their master, hackles rising as they bared their teeth to growl loudly. “Sasuke’s failings are my burden too. We’ll do this together, Naruto.”

Scoffing, Sasuke placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. “Then you two will die together.” A movement on the ground made him jump, eyes flashing angrily as he dodged the long shadow shooting towards his feet.

“No!” Motions faster than the unaided eye could follow, Kakashi grabbed Shikamaru’s hands, interrupting his technique. “You’re no match for him. Take Yamato and go.” The Jounin stood firmly in front of the young Chuunin, eyes watching Sasuke warily. He gave a quick signal to his two ninken, and the dogs immediately moved to guard the retreating pair.

Gritting his teeth, Shikamaru quickly backed off, slinging Yamato’s arm over his shoulder, with Sai taking the unconscious man’s other side. “Be careful, senpai.” Sai murmured calmly, heaving the injured Jounin up with little effort. They moved cautiously back towards the stairs, footsteps echoing dully on the stone floor as Pakkun and Shiba followed closely behind.

The remaining three shinobi stood unmoving, content to just glare evenly at each other for now. Kakashi’s analytical mind was already racing, assessing and estimating. He himself had- at most- half of his chakra reserves remaining; the fight against Kabuto and the interrogation following had used up a significant chunk of energy. Naruto, on the other hand, seemed to have recovered quickly, and was brimming with force. Though, when they were up against Sasuke, even going in at full-strength was risky. And there was something different about the Uchiha. The Copy Ninja’s sharp eyes had quickly picked up on the subtle changes. In their previous encounter, he’d observed that Sasuke’s gaze had grown unfocused, a sure sign of vision deterioration from overusing the Mangekyo. His attacks had been ferocious, but his aim was no longer true. Now though, those dark pupils were clear, boring into him with unwavering confidence. Evidently, he’d succumbed to the necessity of preserving his sight.

“So you finally went through with it, Sasuke? And here I thought you couldn’t fall any further.” Kakashi said softly, looking at his former student with undisguised disdain. “For all your defensiveness about Itachi, you are no better than Madara in your quest for power.”

Eyes narrowing, Sasuke unsheathed his sword, brandishing it between them. “What would you know, outsider?” His stare flickered to the Jounin’s unveiled left eye. “Are you any better than us, showing off that eye you stole from my clan?”

For the first time in a long while, genuine anger flared to life in Kakashi’s calm self. “This eye exemplifies the difference between you and me,” He returned coldly. “While you seized yours with murder in your heart, I received mine as a dying gift from my closest friend…Uchiha Obito.”

Sasuke’s stormy glare wavered for a split second, recognition dawning. “Obito…”

Kakashi nodded stiffly. “Yes, Obito. Younger brother to Uchiha Mikoto. The boy that would’ve been your uncle…had he lived.”

Naruto looked at the older man in shock. Kakashi’s voice was full of regret, so different from his usual demeanor. “So, your Sharingan-”

“Was Obito’s.” He said, eyes never leaving Sasuke’s face. “During the war, he sacrificed himself to save our team, and passed his eye on to me before he died.”

“You’re lying,” Sasuke spat out angrily. “My mother never said a word-”

“Of course she wouldn’t,” The Jounin cut him off loudly, a bitter tone coming to his voice. “The clan was outraged that Obito would confer the Sharingan- your family’s prized ability – to a non-Uchiha.” It was difficult to contain the anger from spilling into his words. Even after all these years, Kakashi found it hard to stomach the injustice heaped on the boy who’d saved his life. “Instead of remembering him as a hero, the Uchiha were ashamed at what he’d done. They forbade anyone to speak his name again. If they would have had their way, they would’ve erased his name from the memorial stone. But the Fourth wouldn’t allow it.” Kakashi forced himself to lower his voice, clamping control back down on his emotions. His Sharingan, though, spun with dizzying speed. He could see that Sasuke’s chakra was seeping out in cold waves, rage building, but Kakashi wasn’t done. “This is the family you would destroy the Leaf over? In my opinion, whatever goodness existed in your clan…died that day with Obito.”

Shut up! You’re lying!” With enraged speed, Sasuke jerked his left hand forward. A thin javelin of crackling electricity shot from his palm, aimed straight at the Jounin’s chest.

Kakashi easily dodged, body flickering out of sight as he moved behind Sasuke. His hands were a blur as they cycled through seals: dragon, tiger, hare. “Suiton: Mizurappa.” Chakra gathered quickly in his mouth before Kakashi exhaled forcefully, sending a rush of water blasting at Sasuke’s back.

Nimbly, Sasuke whipped about face, making the signs of the horse and tiger in a flash. “Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu .” Compressed chakra shot out, forming a massive sphere of roaring flames in front of him. It collided thunderously with the jet of water, steam and foam swelling into the air. Waves crashed on either side of him, soaking the ground and splashing onto his sandals.

Impatiently, Sasuke clawed at the mist swirling in front of his eyes. Naruto and Kakashi had disappeared from view, but that wouldn’t be the case for long. He twisted his head around quickly, scanning the area with the Sharingan. A sudden burst of chakra to his side made him instinctively turn, hurling a shuriken towards it at full force.

You’d kill them, Sasuke? Do you have it in you…little brother?

He jerked, aim thrown off from surprise. His breath caught, heart stopping as the shuriken sunk into Naruto’s torso with a wet thunk, blood blossoming out. “No-” Before he could move or shout or fully register what had happened, the blond vanished with a popping sound, chakra dispersing into the air. A shadow clone.

Raiton: Jibashi.” Blue electricity rippled outwards from Kakashi’s hands, speeding along the wet ground in the blink of an eye. Any moisture in its path was quickly vaporized, the lightning sharply cracking rock as it darted towards the Uchiha.

“Useless, Kakashi.” Twin Mangekyo eyes spun rapidly as chakra was funneled and shaped into a semi-transparent form. The purple energy coalesced to create the towering figure of Susano’o, looming in a protective stance. It lowered its left hand in a flash, deflecting Kakashi’s attack effortlessly with the glistening Yata Mirror. “You’re just-”

Fūton: Rasenshuriken!” Bursting out of the mist behind Sasuke, Naruto hurtled headlong at his exposed back. His yellow eyes were narrowed in concentration as he manipulated the Sage chakra to encase the Rasengan, giving it a defined, sharp shape. The spiraling wind chakra in his hand gave off a bright glow as he threw the great orb forward with a grunt.

Shit. He turned Susano’o just barely in time, its mirror shield emitting a sharp ringing sound as the Rasengan struck its smooth surface. Sparking blue and purple chakra spun erratically into the air, sending shock waves pulsing outwards.  To Sasuke’s surprise, the Yata Mirror cracked with a sound like the splitting of ice; he grunted as the force pushed both him and Naruto backwards,  feet skidding along on the wet ground several meters before he could stop himself. “What the fuck,” he cursed under his breath, panting from the physical strain.

Kakashi appeared behind the blond, steadying him as he was propelled back. Two shadow clones stood behind them, guarding a third who sat immobile as he gathered additional Sage energy for use. The Jounin’s eyes widened at the sight of the damaged shield of Susano’o, clearly splintered by Naruto’s attack. His Sharingan had detected the fire chakra that the Yata Mirror had emitted to negate the wind energy; why, then, did it crack?

One of the clones nodded to Naruto, who’d glanced back. “This one’s ready.” Three identical eyes looked forward at their opponent, thinking similar thoughts. Evidently, Susano’o’s ability to block attacks was limited to the physical and elemental kind. The Sage chakra he’d imbued into the Rasenshuriken, though, had been unimpeded and nearly punched through.

Sasuke’s breath came in quick, burning pants, the physical and mental pain of maintaining Susano’o increasing with every passing moment. Every fiber of his being seemed to be aflame with agony, the technique draining vigor from all parts of his body. Moreover, it seemed Naruto had managed to produce an attack that could almost breach even the Yata Mirror’s formidable defensive power; he debated whether or not to withdraw Susano’o. Though his sight would no longer degenerate from using the Mangekyo, the chakra usage was still brutally exhausting. He dispersed the chakra guardian with a flick of his wrist, relief flooding through his limbs as the strain lifted.

“We have to finish this right away.” Kakashi bit down on his left palm, using his finger to draw a circular seal on the pale skin. The longer they prolonged this, the greater the chance Madara would return. He flattened his hand against the ground, completing the blood contract. “Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Ankoku-gai no Inu – Keruberosu.” Scrawled kanji characters appeared on the rock in a black circle around Kakashi, glowing with released chakra before being absorbed into the earth. Requirements fulfilled, a pulse of energy sparked under the Copy Ninja’s feet before exploding outwards in a cloud of white smoke.

Naruto gasped, nearly knocked off balance by a sudden, immense body appearing beside him. He felt Kakashi’s gloved hand seize his upper arm, hauling him up as he rose. His feet came in contact with an oddly soft surface, rippling and shifting underneath them. The blond reached down to grab a hand hold, surprised to find only long shaggy hairs. The smoke began to clear as he looked forward, eyes widening.

They were perched on the back of an enormous three-headed hound, rough reddish-brown fur covering its sinewy body. From each massive paw extended wicked looking claws, which scored the floor with deep gouges. Each fierce head was almost identical with their sharp fangs protruding past its lips and spiky fringe, save for their eyes; each had pupils of a different color. The head to their left had brown eyes, the center bright red, and the right head with golden-yellow eyes. Its central head turned to gaze at Kakashi with one crimson eye, who stood at the base of its neck. “Kakashi-san,” He growled lowly, whipping its long tail back and forth. “It’s been years since you last called upon us.”

The Jounin nodded grimly, patting the heavy fur under his feet for a brief moment. “I’d hoped for it to not come to this.”

The giant dog took a step forward, spotting the dark-haired shinobi standing undaunted before it. “But I see the curse of the Uchiha cannot be so easily ignored. So be it.” It reared up on its strong hind legs, letting loose a deafening howl as it charged forward.




1. Chidori Eisō- Chidori Laser Spear/Sharp Spear (attack that Sasuke starts with)

2. Suiton: Mizurappa – Water Release: Violent Water Wave/Water Trumpet

3. Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu – Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

4. Raiton: Jibashi – Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder / Earth Flash

5. Fūton: Rasenshuriken – Wind Release: Rasenshuriken

6. Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Ankoku-gai no inu- Keruberosu – Summoning: Underworld Hound Cerberus. (This is a summon that I made up. Since Naruto and Jiraiya were capable of summoning toads of varying sizes and power, I decided to give Kakashi an ‘ultimate’ dog summon too. Obviously, it’s based on Cerberus, the three-headed dog from Greek mythology.)


Yata Mirror: (“Eight Span Mirror”) Shield that Susano’o carries. It it considered one of the three treasures and endowed with all nature transformations. It can change its own characteristics depending on the attribute of the attack it receives, canceling out the technique.


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