Inheritance of Hatred: Chapter 10

Title: Inheritance of Hatred: Chapter 10
Pairing: Eventual SasuNaru
Rating: PG-13
Status: WIP
Summary: In the midst of war, Naruto has only one goal: to bring Uchiha Sasuke home. And to that end, he will risk it all to retrieve the one person closest to his heart.



A/N: Yeah so, I changed the summary for this story. For some reason, I woke up, looked at the original one, and completely hated it. *big grin*


Sasuke stood undaunted before the giant beast charging towards him, locking fingers together to form a tiger seal. He allowed several seconds to pass for the chakra to build up, filling his upper body. “Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu.” With a roar of sound, concentrated fire erupted from his lips in a red-hot blaze. The churning flames shifted into the form of a monstrous dragon’s head, giving off enough heat to cause the air temperature around to rise. Tongues of ash and embers trailed behind as it hurtled forward like an awful comet, aimed directly at Keruberosu’s head.

The hound’s feet clawed at the ground as it halted, raising up its central head. Its fangs started to glow as energy built up in its mouth, burning red as it spun and prepared to release. Keruberosu’s left head looked briefly at Kakashi, taking note of his drained appearance. Summoning had obviously taken a lot out of him.  The dominant, middle dog barked back at the other shinobi on its back. “Give me some wind, kid.”

“Right.” Naruto leapt up to perch on its forehead, quickly performing a ram seal. “Fūton: Atsugai.” The still air in the underground chamber abruptly turned forceful, whistling shrilly as it collected in the jinchuuriki’s hands into a compressed vortex.

Katon: Hino Kabe no Jutsu.” Keruberosu’s head dipped down, spitting out a mass of burning chakra from side to side in a straight line. Naruto’s wind attack followed behind it instantly, fanning the flames and causing it to shoot up high past their heads. The combined jutsus created a thick, solid blazing wall of crackling heat between them and Sasuke, obscuring all from view.

The Uchiha crossed his arms in front of his face, bracing as the two attacks collided with a deafening thunder of sound and explosion of force. Burning chakra lit up the area like a storm of fireworks, cascading outwards and raining searing cinders down all over. Hot ash dotted his hair and arms, but Sasuke ignored it. Sweat was running down his back from the sudden spike in temperature, dampening his clothes. Even the rock walls and floor of the large chamber had rivulets of moisture on them from all the fiery heat in the atmosphere. He pumped extra chakra to the soles of his feet to compensate for the slickness, touching fingers to both wrist tattoos as he charged forward. Fūma shuriken were instantly unsealed, hands spinning them deftly, quickly attaching thin wires to them as he jumped up. His fingers flared briefly as he loaded the points with chakra, augmenting each weapon’s cutting power.

“Get down!” Keruberosu roared, tossing its middle head back and up as four whirling shurikens whipped out of the haze of fire and smoke, spinning like deadly wheels towards them. The two outer heads twisted inwards, moving to shield its passengers.

“Whoa-” Naruto slid down the hound’s neck as it reared up, heaving him off. Kakashi reached out a hand, grabbing the boy as he fell past. “Thanks sensei,” he gasped. They both clung on tightly to Keruberosu’s shaggy hackles as it abruptly lurched backwards, howling in pain.

Two of the shuriken had missed as the summoned dog dodged, but the balance of them struck its left head, driving deep into the flesh of its lower jaw. Blood spurted out and splattered its matted fur with red flecks as Keruberosu instinctively jerked its head back in agony, keening from surprise. As it did so, the wires connected to the shuriken pulled taut, adding to Sasuke’s momentum and yanking him upwards into the air. He landed heavily on its injured head, drawing his sword before it could fully register his position.

The great beast howled terribly as he sunk the blade deep into its neck, severing blood vessels and muscles. Sasuke jumped again as its other heads swung around to face him, electric chakra pulsing in his palm. “Chidori senbon.” The dark-haired young man flicked his wrist, sending long, razor sharp needles of energy shooting out in a arc. They peppered across Keruberosu’s muzzle, piercing it at dozens of points as Sasuke vaulted over its ears.

Gritting his teeth, Naruto scrambled up along the constantly moving neck, dispelling his second clone as he moved. The chakra instantly rushed back into his body, bringing with it the Sage energy that had been collected and increasing his reaction time. The two barely avoided colliding with each other as they both leapt towards the other, eyes blazing. His fist connected with Sasuke’s wrist and he grabbed it, twisting the sword out of the other boy’s grip. With his other hand, Naruto aimed a punch at Sasuke’s face.

The Uchiha easily caught the blow with his free hand, wrenching his arm to the side. He kicked out with his feet, managing a blow to Naruto’s side and knocking him off balance. “Pathetic, usuratonkachi. Your taijutsu is worthless as always,” he hissed as the blond swung at his head again. Admittedly, the blond was faster than before, but it wasn’t anything his Sharingan could not follow.

“What would you know, bastard,” the jinchuuriki ground out in reply, managing to snake his hand past Sasuke’s and close his fingers around his throat. “You have the stamina of a shriveled old woman.” He tightened his grip, forcing his opponent to gasp out. “Shit!” Naruto winced, coughing as Sasuke brought both knees up and slammed it into his abdomen, knocking the breath out of him.

The dark-haired boy jerked himself out of Naruto’s grip, trying to push away. He grunted as a kunai suddenly drove into his shoulder, searing pain lancing through his body and throwing him off balance as Keruberosu’s body shuddered violently beneath his feet. Blood flowed freely from the wound, staining the sleeve of his shirt and mingling with the perspiration running down his skin.  As he slid off the dog’s back, he grabbed instinctively at Naruto’s ankles, and the two plummeted towards the ground locked together.

Kakashi steadied himself as he took two more kunai out of his side holster, shouting up at the injured summon. “Are you all right?”

The hound groaned in pain, its disabled head feebly moving. “He cut most of the chakra pathways on my left head; it can’t attack.”

The Jounin leaned over, squinting down into the haze filling the room. The Uchiha was temporarily distracted by Naruto; this might be his only opportunity. Reaching into his tool pouch, he swiftly withdrew a set of seal tags and three senbon. Each tag was identical in appearance: perfectly square sheets of thin white paper with an elaborate circular design drawn on in black ink. There was a blank space in the exact center, left open for the addition of the final part of the seal. Using the finger he’d pricked earlier for summoning, Kakashi quickly traced the two kanji, ‘seifuku‘, onto the paper in his own blood. There was a stinging sensation as the seal automatically drew a small amount of his own chakra, converting it into energy for activation.

This particular seal was a unique technique he’d specifically developed for use against Sasuke; it drew on the fūinjutsu he’d learned from both the Fourth Hokage and from his time in the ANBU. A single seal tag could not completely incapacitate a shinobi like Sasuke; such a feat would require a full-blown sealing ritual performed by at least a squad of people. However, he could temporarily seal off certain chakra vessels, limiting Sasuke’s arsenal of ninjutsu. Primarily, Kakashi would be targeting the veins that fed into his optic nerves; shutting those down would effectively sever chakra supply to his eyes for a period of time and disable his Sharingan.

Rolling the paper into a tight cylinder, the Jounin attached it to the slim shaft of a senbon. These needles had been crafted from chakra-conducting alloys; they would act as both a projectile as well as a medium through which the seal could travel on to reach the intended target. With quick efficiency, Kakashi had three needles prepared in the same manner within moments. One hand gripping Keruberosu’s neck for balance, he leaned out, took careful aim, and-

The stiff wooden shaft of the gunbai struck the senbon precisely on its tip, knocking it out of Kakashi’s hand and sending it falling uselessly to the ground below. He recoiled instinctively, only just now sensing the presence that appeared behind him.

Madara smoothly replaced the war fan back into its leather strap, voice echoing hollowly from behind his mask as he spoke. “Your fight is with me now, Kakashi.”



Sasuke stifled a yell as the back of his head slammed onto the rock floor, sharp shards digging into his skin. The fall left him momentarily dazed, eyes blinking up at his surroundings blearily. A hoarse string of curses close by registered in his hearing , and he noted Naruto stirring a few yards away. Get up. Pushing himself up with a grunt, Sasuke reached over his shoulder, grasping the handle of the kunai buried in his flesh. Pain flared hot and caustic as he tugged it out, red liquid thickly coating the blade. He tossed it aside impatiently, forcibly straightening to his feet.

“Had enough yet, bastard?” Naruto said roughly, already standing. He winced as he rubbed the back of his skull, tender from the jarring impact with the ground. “I don’t want to have to drag your ass back to Konoha in pieces.”

And there it was, once again: Naruto’s infuriating faith in him and utter refusal to give up on his goal. It pierced his cold demeanor effectively and easily, stirring up emotions that he struggled to contain. Sasuke scowled angrily as he stood, tersely flattening his palm over the wound in his shoulder. A short pulse of hot chakra cauterized the damaged flesh and sealed off severed veins, staunching the bleeding for now. “What the fuck is wrong with you,” he ground out tersely. “The only thing I want to do with Konoha is burn it to the ground!” As he spoke, the chakra in his blood-stained hand shimmered. Flowing out thickly, it formed a dense mass of electric blue energy around his fingers that gave off a sound similar to the shrieking cries of a thousand birds. But even as the power swirled in a lethal gathering around his hand, the blue eyes that bored into him never wavered.

“I don’t believe that, Sasuke.” Naruto quickly produced two more clones, stepping back as soon as he recognized impending attack. “You’re not as far gone as everyone else thinks.” The bunshins placed their palms over his, manipulating and shaping the chakra circling from his hand.

“Then you’re a fool, Naruto!” The Sharingan spun sickeningly fast as Sasuke charged, speed augmented by a burst of chakra and rage. His right hand thrust forward, trailing translucent cobalt tendrils as the Uchiha pushed his Chidori at the jinchuuriki.

Crap. He’s coming too fast! The kage bunshin to his left grabbed the real Naruto’s arm and yanked with all his might, adding his whole weight in for extra torque. They both fell just in time as Chidori tore through the air where they’d been standing barely a moment prior, the high-pitched chirping noise it emitted nearly deafening at this close of a range. As the blond rolled out of the way, his clones crashed into Sasuke, punching and kicking as they tackled him to the ground.

“Hold him down,” he said, pushing up a sleeve and sinking his teeth into the skin of his thumb. With his other hand, Naruto ripped down the collar of Sasuke’s shirt, drawing a thick vertical line down the Uchiha’s spine with his bleeding thumb.

“Easy for you-” One of the clones growled in return, seizing Sasuke’s right hand and smashing it against the ground. “-to say.”

Abruptly, the dark-haired boy twisted in their grip, forcing his head up far enough for his left eye to come into view. “Amaterasu.” A trickle of fresh blood slid down his eye socket and cheek as the Mangekyo activated, jet-black flames igniting on Naruto’s chest.

“Fuck!” The clone instantly vanished as the unquenchable fire touched it, scorching upon contact.

Partially freed, Sasuke kicked back viciously. His foot clipped the real Naruto on his chin, sending him reeling backwards. A brisk blow to the remaining bunshin’s neck and torso connected solidly, causing it to disperse. The dark-haired boy ran a hand down his back as he turned to face his opponent, feeling the still-warm liquid stain his fingers. “What the fuck are you trying to pull, Naruto?” The blond had had a chance to land an attack on him when his clones were jumping on him. Instead though, he’d used the time to attempt to draw something on his back. Why?

Unexpectedly, Naruto gave him a solemn smile. “It’s-”


He gasped, looking up in time to see Madara materialize behind Kakashi. The ripple pattern on the older Uchiha’s mask whirled dizzyingly as he activated his Jikūkan Idō, creating a powerful vacuum in the space around him. “Kakashi-sensei!” Naruto ran forward, all thoughts of Sasuke left behind as Madara turned his technique on the Copy Ninja.


A/N: I apologize for this chapter taking so long. I’m a writer by day, so a lot of times when I come home after a day of typing non-stop, I feel too drained to force any more creativity out. XD

Jutsus & Stuff-

1. Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu – Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique

2. Fūton: Atsugai – Wind Release: Pressure Damage

3. Katon: Hino Kabe no Jutsu – Fire Release: Wall of Fire Technique (I made this one up)

4. Chidori Senbon: Variation of Chidori, manipulated into needle-like projectiles and thrown.

5. Senbon – needles.

6. Seifuku – literally meaning subjugation/ to conquer.

7. Gunbai: non-folding, Japanese war fan made of wood carried by Madara. His has a chain attached to its handle, connecting it to his kama.

8. Jikūkan Idō: Space-Time Migration technique.


A bit about Keruberosu: Since it has three heads, I thought it would be cool if each one controlled a different nature attribute, corresponding with its eye colors. So, the left head does Earth attacks, the center does Fire, and the right does Lightning techniques.


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