Just An Update

You might have noticed that I’m not churning out the one-shots and KakaIru stuff as heavily as I used to. I’ve been concentrating on my SasuNaru fic; I really want to finish it! However, I’ve also been working on two stories for KakaIru-Kink LJ. The prompts are sooo fun. I wish I could answer them all!


  1. More chapters for Inheritance of Hatred.
  2. “Slowly But Surely” – KakaIru one-shot
  3. “When We Were Young” – KakaIru one-shot

Some Spoilers Ahead!

Don’t click the jump if you haven’t caught up with the manga yet.

By the way, I just finished reading the latest Naruto chapter online. Finally some action! Though, it seems like Kishimoto’s getting kind of ridiculous with Naruto’s abilities. I mean, he bust out like three (four??) new versions of Rasengan (lol@ the mini Rasenshuriken), and used Tajū Kage Bunshin while in Nine Tails Chakra mode. Wtf? Isn’t he going to die in like 2 minutes? What’s the point of having Killer B tell him it’ll kill him if he’s just going to do it anyways.

By the way, the revelation about Madara’s immortality came at a good time. I started typing chapter 11 for IOH, and was trying to come up with a plausible theory about Madara; this makes it so much easier.

And dude, Sakura should keep her hair like that. Way cute. Not cute enough for me to want her to hook up with Sasuke or Naruto…but cute nonetheless. ^_^


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