When We Were Young: Chapter 1

Title: When We Were Young: Chapter 1
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka
Rating: PG-13
Status: WIP
Summary: Everyone is a novice at some point in time. Before he was the legendary Copy Ninja, Kakashi too had to be taught the basics of intimacy. Mini-fic.



A/N: Featuring teen!Kakashi and teen!Iruka. I saw this prompt at the KakaIru-Kink LJ community and couldn’t help but write something for it. I decided that Kakashi would be a Jounin, and Iruka still a Genin. Takes place before he receives his Sharingan eye.
This is going to be a sort-of mini fic, just a bunch of one-shots.


“What are you doing?” He immediately grabbed the hand on his chin, slapping it curtly away.

“I’m taking it off, idiot!” The other teen hissed, narrowing his eyes. “How is this supposed to work if you’re wearing that stupid mask!” Iruka reached his hand up again with a glare, daring the boy to stop him again.

Kakashi opted to dodge instead, tilting his head quickly to the side. “It’s not stupid,” he drawled out, rolling his eyes as Iruka made another grab for the cloth covering the lower half of his face. “Just leave it there.”

“I’m not kissing a mask, Kakashi!” The other boy didn’t move, staring calmly right back at him. Scowling, Iruka shifted his weight backwards and got to his feet. “Fine. Be an ass. I’m leaving.”

“Wait.” The young Jounin sighed, gesturing for Iruka to come back. He really needed some practice with this. The other, older Jounin had been teasing him mercilessly about his inexperience; and while he was a good enough shinobi to not let it show, that didn’t mean Kakashi’s pride hadn’t been bruised. “I’ll take it off.”

With a much aggrieved grunt, Iruka sat back down on the floor in front of his friend. There were days it certainly didn’t pay to be on friendly terms with Hatake Kakashi, and this definitely counted as one of them. Any other time, he would’ve flat out refused Kakashi’s demand that he be his ‘practice’ partner. However, the Chuunin Exams were coming up soon, and Iruka desperately wanted to pass this year. The silver-haired boy had offered to help him train and prepare for the trials, but such tutoring came at a steep price…

Frowning, Iruka waited wordlessly until Kakashi hooked a finger onto his mask, pulling the material down hesitatingly. He stopped as soon as his mouth was just uncovered, leaving the rest of the dark cloth bunched on his chin. The brown-haired boy rolled his eyes, but kept his silence. There were some battles that just weren’t worth fighting. “So.”

“So,” Kakashi echoed, pressing his lips together. How were you supposed to start something like this?

Iruka caught his questioning look. “What?” He’d agreed to let the Jounin practice on him, so why was he looking so nervous? “Hurry up already. I want to do some training after this.”

The Jounin’s mouth opened, only to immediately close again. This was more embarrassing than he’d anticipated.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.” Leaning in, Iruka planted his hands on either side of Kakashi’s outstretched legs. Gracelessly and efficiently, he pressed his mouth to the Jounin’s in a clumsy, not-very-enthusiastic kiss. The wad of cloth on his chin was uncomfortable; he impatiently brushed it further down. And on top of that, Kakashi’s lips were dry and unmoving; it was as exciting as kissing an elderly grandmother or aunt. Iruka pulled away after a few more moments, thoroughly unimpressed.

He was surprised to see Kakashi sitting completely frozen, leaning heavily against the wall. The Jounin looked utterly shell-shocked, mouth slightly agape. “Kakashi?” What the hell was wrong with him?

“That was…” He hurriedly pulled the mask back up, fingers fumbling with the material.

Iruka quirked an eyebrow. “Kakashi, was that…your first kiss?”

“No.” Was the immediate, mumbled reply.Which indicated to Iruka that his assumption was probably correct.

“So it was, then.” He hid a smirk, attempting to look sympathetic. “If it helps, my first kiss was from a girl at the Academy.” Iruka noticed Kakashi’s slightly interested look, so he continued. “She was younger than me, but more…assertive.” The Genin scratched his head sheepishly. “It was like getting licked by a dog.”

“Oh.” Kakashi said thoughtfully. “Yeah, you kiss just like that.”

Only finely honed reflexes saved his head from being punched through the wall. The plaster cracked around Iruka’s fist, showering white splinters and debris down on the ground and on Kakashi’s shoulder. “Fine!” He retorted angrily, jumping to his feet. “Practice on yourself then! Go make out with a clone since you’re so clever!” The brown-haired boy tore furiously out of the room and down the stairs, slamming the front door behind him. “God damn asshole Jounin…”

Peeking out the window, the Jounin in question watched as Iruka blazed down the street in a fury, leaving scandalized parents and shocked children in his wake. He wondered idly if the Genin’s suggestion of using a clone had any merit; perhaps it would be better than asking Iruka again. But then again, the clone wouldn’t have any more experience than himself. And more importantly, he really didn’t feel like kissing himself.

Iruka paused before the Hatake house was completely out of sight, whirling around and jabbing a finger in the air towards the distant Jounin boy. “And you owe me training, you idiot!”

Or that would work too.


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