When We Were Young: Chapter 2

Title: When We Were Young: Chapter 2
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka
Rating: PG-13
Status: WIP
Summary: Everyone is a novice at some point in time. Before he was the legendary Copy Ninja, Kakashi too had to be taught the basics of intimacy. Ficlet.



After he’d repaired the hole in his bedroom wall (Kakashi had to admit, Iruka threw a good punch) and cleared the mess, the silver-haired boy mentally went over his options. He’d already nixed the clone idea; the very thought made him wrinkle his nose in distaste. So who else could he practice with? Quickly, he reviewed his short list of friends and close acquaintances.

Obito? Rin? That thought was squelched quickly. He worked with them on a daily basis; Kakashi didn’t need them thinking he was weak or knowing about his inexperience. And Minato-sensei was out of the question too. It wasn’t worth the risk of Kushina finding out and pummeling the living daylights out of him. Jounin though he was, Kakashi didn’t think he was a match for that woman’s wrath.

What about Gai? For a brief moment, he contemplated leaning over and planting a kiss on the green shinobi’s mouth. Abruptly, his stomach churned. Kakashi clapped his hands over his mouth as he convulsed, nearly retching into his own mouth. Yeah…that was a definite no. The mere mental image had been nauseating enough, never mind the actual thing.

Sighing, the young ninja got up, padding quietly into the kitchen for a glass of water. There were other people he could ask, but Iruka was still the best candidate. Temperamental, yes, but the Genin had a genuine nice streak in him; he could be counted on to not embarrass or tease Kakashi unduly. And the fact that he was easy on the eyes wasn’t a bad thing either; if the Jounin was going to be staring at someone for prolonged periods of time in order to practice, it might as well be with an individual without obscene eyebrows.

As he strode out of his house and closed the door behind him, Kakashi wondered if he should attempt some alternative research. After all, his first practice run with Iruka was pretty much a disaster; it seemed both of them lacked sufficient experience. So what was the solution? Ask someone else? Threesome?

It seemed fate took pity on the young Jounin, for it was at that moment as he walked down the sidewalk that two middle-aged men pushed past him, eagerly darting towards the bookstore. “Ah, Jiraiya-sama’s latest book has finally arrived!” he heard one of them say as the pair threw open the door.

Normally, Kakashi wouldn’t have paid such ordinary chatter any mind. However, the mention of Jiraiya’s name caught his attention. He’d met Minato’s former sensei several times, and was vastly impressed by the man’s shinobi prowess. Surely any book the legendary Toad Sage penned was an invaluable guide to budding warriors such as himself. Nodding at that assumption, he quickly detoured into the shop.

Already, the two civilians he’d followed were holding their own copies of Jiraiya’s most recent volume. As they moved away towards the cashier to pay for them, Kakashi strode quietly down the aisle to peer at the shelves they’d been standing in front of. It seemed the Sannin had written a whole series for the wooden shelves were lined with dozens of books; strangely though, they were bright orange in color and decorated with garish illustrations. Well, hadn’t his Academy instructors told him to never judge a book by its cover?

Selecting one that seemed to be the first in the series, Kakashi examined its lurid cover. The title Icha Icha Paradise was emblazoned in bold text; what a strange name for a ninja book. Shrugging, the silver-haired teen padded over to the front of the store, setting the book on the plastic counter next to the cash register.

The middle-aged man behind the counter smiled politely at the young shinobi. “Good afternoon, shinobi-san.” He reached automatically for the book before catching the title. He froze, eyes bulging slightly. “Um,” the man choked out. “Young sir, this book is…” Faltering, he wondered how to delicately explain to the ninja in front of him that this was an adult book…and Kakashi didn’t look quite adult enough to him.

Kakashi seemed oblivious to the man’s discomfort, counting out and placing the appropriate amount of money next to his intended purchase. “Don’t worry,” he said calmly, waving a casual hand. “I’m a Jounin, I can handle these techniques.”

“B-But-” The older man sputtered, enormously conflicted. However, Kakashi bowed and left the shop with his new book before the cashier could utter another word. He stood in place, thoroughly shocked and confused for a good five minutes after the teen left before finally sighing resignedly. “Kids these days…”



“Your aim is off.”

Iruka jerked in surprise, the kunai he’d been in the process of throwing zipping off course into the tree line. “Dammit.” He’d have to go hunt for that later. Scowling, the Genin turned to face the newcomer who’d interrupted his training session. “What do you want?”

Kakashi shrugged, taking a few steps closer. “You wanted to train, right?”

Startled, the younger boy raised an eyebrow. “So you’ll help me train?” He hadn’t expected Kakashi to come through on his promise after the rather disastrous morning they’d had. Suspicious, he balled his hands into fists. The Jounin seemed somewhat uncomfortable, a slight pink blush visible above his mask and an odd book poking out from his tool pouch. “What are we-”

His words were cut off abruptly as Kakashi suddenly closed the space separating them with lightning speed. Iruka gasped as warm lips first brushed then closed around his, caressing timidly. Hands grabbed his wrists as the younger boy instinctively struggled, moving to push the Jounin away.”It’s okay,” he heard Kakashi whisper as fingers threaded through his. Grudgingly, he had to admit that his second kiss with Kakashi was better than the first. He was actually moving his lips this time, carefully sliding their mouths together with precision. He almost laughed in fact; Kakashi’s brow was furrowed with intense concentration. Apparently he was putting a lot of effort into this.

After a minute, Iruka leaned backward slightly, mouth opening as he gasped for breath. Kakashi however, seemed to take this as a signal of sorts.

The brown-haired Genin’s eyes widened in alarm as Kakashi practically shoved his tongue into his mouth, cutting off his inhalation of oxygen. “Fucking-” He coughed violently, shoving the taller teen away from him forcefully. “What the hell-” Iruka cursed between deep breaths of air, as he inhaled in pained gasps. He glared as soon as he was physically able to, snarling, “What the hell was that, you moron!”

The Jounin was tugging his mask back up into its customary position, looking mildly confused. “What?”

“You almost killed me, you ass!”

Kakashi blinked, cocking his head slightly to the side as he thought. After a moment, he reached a hand into his pouch, withdrawing the book Iruka had spotted a few minutes ago.

Nonplussed, the younger boy gaped. “What are you doing?”

“Hang on,” the Jounin said distractedly, turning a few pages. “I must have done something wrong.” His eyes flicked down the paragraphs quickly; he was sure Jiraiya had specified the use of tongue after several minutes. Had he executed the technique incorrectly?

Iruka glanced down at the title, jaw falling open as he realized exactly what Kakashi was using as a reference. “Y-You…”

“Huh?” The other teen was still reading, having finally found the correct page. “One sec, I almost-”

Whatever he had almost found was lost a moment later as Iruka’s fist connected squarely with his chin, snapping his head back and sending both Jounin and Icha Icha flying.

“You pervert!”


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