When We Were Young: Chapter 3

Title: When We Were Young: Chapter 3
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka
Rating: PG-13
Status: WIP
Summary: Everyone is a novice at some point in time. Before he was the legendary Copy Ninja, Kakashi too had to be taught the basics of intimacy. Ficlet.



A/N: The timeline in this fic doesn’t mesh well with the manga canon, so OH WELL. *big grin* Let’s just play along.

Btw, ‘boujutsu’ is a term I picked up from a doujinshi. Basically it means “bedroom techniques.” ^_^ If you don’t understand, maybe you shouldn’t be reading this story…


Namikaze Minato was on his way home, carrying a few scrolls that needed reading, when he sensed a familiar chakra signature burning brightly in the middle of a practice field. Detouring from his path, the Yellow Flash loped down the grassy hill and stopped in front of the rather short body sprawled on the ground. “What are you doing?” he said hesitantly, wondering if he’d regret asking that question.

Kakashi was lying flat on his back on the grass, a book held between two hands obscuring his features. He moved it an inch to the side when his sensei approached, giving him a calm look. “I’m studying.”

The older Jounin took his first real look at the novel, quirking an eyebrow at the suggestive cover illustration and “adults only” label on the back. “Studying, huh.” He sighed when he noticed the author’s name: his very own sensei. Minato made a mental note to discuss with Jiraiya later on about what did and did not constitute good literature.

“Yes. Jiraiya-sama’s description of how these techniques are performed on subjects is very precise.” Obligingly, he closed the book and held it out to his teacher. “Did you want to read, too?”

“No thanks,” Minato said quickly, waving it away. Kushina would have both their heads if she found out. “Tell me, Kakashi. What exactly are you trying to learn to do?”

Most other teenagers would’ve been at least embarrassed to be caught in such a situation by their instructor. Kakashi, however, replied blithely and honestly. “*Boujutsu.” He flipped to a page and displayed it to the other Jounin, as if to validate the use of such a term. “See? Jiraiya-sama says here that Kimiko-chan’s skill in boujutsu is unmatched by any other kunoichi.”

Minato coughed quickly, covering up a snort. “I see.” He debated on whether or not to set his student straight. Eventually though, he decided that in the grand scheme of things, perhaps Kakashi needed an outlet like this. He was already the youngest Jounin the village had ever produced. Might as well let him enjoy life a little. “Well, good luck with that.”

The yellow-haired man was almost out of sight when Kakashi sat up, calling after him. “Sensei! Do you have any tips?”

Wisely, Minato opted to act as if he hadn’t heard.



On his way to Iruka’s house, Kakashi mentally reviewed the proper order: pull target close, closed mouth kiss, open mouth, insert tongue. If that was executed successfully, it could be followed up with some touching and suggestive actions. He hadn’t read past that part quite yet: Kakashi preferred to master a technique first before moving on.

“And what,” Iruka snarled, opening his front door only a crack. “do you want?’

“Training?” Kakashi stood calmly on the doorstep, managing to look both serious and mildly amused.

“No way, deal’s off. I can train on my own, you lecher.” The brown-haired boy shut the door crisply without another word. Just as he was turning on his heels and walking away though, Kakashi’s voice drifted in, slightly muffled.

“Are you sure about that?” He drawled, sounding like he was suppressing a chuckle. “I made Chuunin when I was six. And you’re what, seventeen?”

“I’m sixteen, you ass!” The older boy’s words had struck a chord nonetheless, making Iruka seethe inwardly. He was right: Quite a number of his classmates had already taken and passed the exams in previous years. Last year, the Genin had taken the trials for the first time, but had failed in the third stage. His problem wasn’t a lack of skill or poor ninjutsu: his Jounin instructor actually thought Iruka was quite proficient all around. However, the young teen’s weakness was fighting against his fellow peers. He hesitated to attack with full force, leaving him vulnerable to opponents that didn’t act so graciously.

“I spoke with your team leader, Kaisuke-san.” Kakashi continued, as if Iruka hadn’t interjected. “He thinks you are too emotionally attached.”

Flinching, the Genin frowned. Kaisuke-sensei was always telling him that kindness had no place on the battlefield. “And what about you? Do you think I’m a sissy too?” He tried to sound angry, but the insecurity he was feeling inevitably leaked into his voice.

A sharp knock made him jump. Sighing, Iruka unlocked the door and sat back on the floor resignedly. He watched Kakashi walk in, close the door behind him and take a seat in front of him.

The Jounin leaned back against the wooden door, rubbing a hand against his chin in consideration. He was silent for several moments, searching for the best words. “I think,” the teen finally said, slowly. “there are two kinds of shinobi: mindless tools who just do as they’re told…and shinobi who don’t forget their humanity.” Kakashi shrugged. “I have only respect for a ninja who hesitates to harm their own comrades, no matter what the situation.”

Iruka blinked, shock and embarrassment creeping into his expression. He’d expected some ridicule or dismissal, not approval from the young Jounin. Despite his earlier agitation with Kakashi, the brown-haired boy felt pure gratitude well up, and it put a small smile on his face.

Wordlessly, Iruka leaned forward, moving between the other teen’s outstretched legs and reaching hands up to cup at a cloth-covered jawline. Kakashi stilled, instinctively pressing his fingers to the small of Iruka’s back. His breath caught as his mask was drawn down and the boy murmured a soft “thank you” before closing the distance between their faces.

Shyly, Iruka caught Kakashi’s lips in a slow kiss, warm skin brushing lightly. The hands on his back urged him closer, encouraging him to continue. Emboldened, the younger boy added more pressure so that their mouths pushed urgently against each other in a quickly familiar dance. With a soft groan, Kakashi parted his lips and Iruka tasted the new flavor on his tongue: earthy and slightly sweet, it sent a jolt of arousal straight to his groin. Slick and perfectly heated, it seemed instinctive for their tongues to caress and entwine, the only sound in the room their sharp pants for breath. This was nothing like their previous kisses: whether it was trial and error finally paying off or mutual willingness, Iruka didn’t care. It was heady and overwhelming and intoxicating all at the same time and he didn’t want it to stop.

He moaned quietly as Kakashi’s strong hands moved under his shirt, nails raking lightly across hot skin. The Jounin pushed forward urgently until Iruka was lying underneath him, pinned between his legs and unresisting to his strokes. He could feel the heat radiating like fire where their bodies touched, sweat dampening their clothes. Unconsciously and naturally, his hips rolled firmly against Iruka’s, eliciting sharp cries from both.

“Ka…Kakashi.” The brown-haired boy’s voice was low, roughened by lust as he pulled the other teen closer.

Hearing his name called out like that- breathy and laden with need- shattered any remaining self-control within Kakashi. Fumbling and not a hundred percent sure about what he was doing, he pushed Iruka’s shirt up, fingers catching the zipper of his pants and pulling it down nervously-


Oh shit.

Freezing, the Jounin immediately suppressed his chakra, which had been pouring out rather uncontrollably until now. The loud voice sounded right outside the door, almost shaking the glass in the windows. He knew that voice well, and it sounded like he was in big trouble with Uzumaki Kushina.


Beneath him, Iruka squeaked in alarm. “Who is it?” He whispered lowly, well aware that his own chakra was broadcasting his fear.

“It’s Minato-sensei’s wife,” the Jounin mumbled back, straightening to his feet. “She probably found out about my…research.” Exasperatedly, he pulled his mask back up. “I guess we’ll…train later?” He flinched as Kushina began pounding on the door. “Sorry…um…” Giving up, Kakashi swiftly performed a set of hand seals and disappeared with a puff of chakra.


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