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Girls Bring “The Boys” Out

Releases on October 19th! So excited!


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Cue Bitchiness

I’m not going to lie: when it come to the Naruto pairings, I think Sasuke is not romantically compatible with any existing female character. And why should he be? He’s suffered more than any of them probably will in their entire lives. But more importantly, they’re attracted to only his physical traits. The end. Who would blame the guy for shunning the role of a trophy husband?

That said, SasuSaku and SasuHina aren’t my cup of tea, obviously. But that doesn’t mean I go out, look for those types of stories, and flame them. That’s just plain stupid.

Unfortunately, it seems some people are not above such petty behavior. Take a look at this review I got today on “Inheritance of Hatred.”

If you’re of the sensitive sort, I recommend not reading the remainder of this post. I don’t mince words when I’m pissed.

Really, kid? My story was on like, the 20th page of the Naruto story list. And it hadn’t even gotten to the actual yaoi parts yet. I hope you left an identical message on every other SasuNaru/NaruSasu/yaoi story on the way to mine.

So in a fit of disgruntlement, I clicked on Mr. God Izanagi, just to see exactly who this person was. And I about died laughing.

Sir, this is about as attention-whore as it gets. And let’s get one thing straight: I’ve been a fan of Naruto since it first came out. I still have the SJ issues in my closet and bought volume 1 of the Viz manga when it was first released. So no, Mr. God Izanagi, I am not new to the fandom. I was reading Naruto and writing fan fiction while you were still in big-kid diapers struggling to learn your ABC’s. And fabulous spelling, dude. I’m not surprised you have to resort to dissing on a person’s genre choice rather than actually criticizing something valid.

And Ben 10? Dude, the median age of that show’s fans is like 6.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get funnier, I clicked on his one Naruto fic, just to see what kind of writer was hating on me:

Lord have mercy, the first 300 words of this thing was a hot mess. Seriously bro, using spell check will not kill you. It comes standard on word processing programs. Unless you’re like, typing it on the most low-tech, basic text doc.

1. ‘Brilliant.’ Not briliant.

2. wtf, suffienctly? Sufficiently!

3. Blonde refers to a woman with blond hair. A male would be called a blond.

4. These sentences are either: a) half-assed or b) written by a 8-year-old.

5. I assume he’s trying to say “Naruto’s attention.”

6. Ditch, not dicth. And why would Kakashi leave his team half-way through a mission? Not only is that severely OOC, but he would’ve sent a replacement if it was that important. (And btw, you don’t win a mission. You complete it.)

It’s not hard, dude. Don’t like yaoi? Don’t read it. I didn’t bother reading your garbage until you came along to be a nuisance.

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I promise that new chapters are on their way soon! Two of them are about 50% done, but I had to put them on hold. Why? Because Mother’s Day is coming up soon! I’ve been working on tatting some jewelry pieces for my mom, and I finished the necklace yesterday.

It turned out pretty nice, though I made a few small mistakes here and there. Oh well. I really like the green stone heart; wish I could find another. Working on a matching bracelet to go with it.

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So, there was a few years where I didn’t write any fanfiction or read any manga since I was busy with work and school. Yesterday though, I dug up my old stories and read them, especially “What’s Mine and What’s Your’s.” Boy was I surprised. I thought it was really corny in parts, and then the LEMON… I totally was like “damn, that wasn’t half bad.” LOL.

…especially since I’m trying to write a lemon for “As You Wish, General” and it’s giving me heaps of trouble. Oh well.

Re-read a few chapters of Naruto today. I noticed that whenever Kakashi enters a scene, I automatically think “hey sexy.” This must be a new level of dorkiness. ;-;

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