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Just An Update

You might have noticed that I’m not churning out the one-shots and KakaIru stuff as heavily as I used to. I’ve been concentrating on my SasuNaru fic; I really want to finish it! However, I’ve also been working on two stories for KakaIru-Kink LJ. The prompts are sooo fun. I wish I could answer them all!


  1. More chapters for Inheritance of Hatred.
  2. “Slowly But Surely” – KakaIru one-shot
  3. “When We Were Young” – KakaIru one-shot

Some Spoilers Ahead!

Don’t click the jump if you haven’t caught up with the manga yet.

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my site! Browse, peruse, and explore to your heart’s content.

What You’ll Find Here:

– My Fanfiction (mainly Naruto)

– Random graphics and pics

– Rants

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