Need something written? Have a story or a scene you’ve always wanted to see put to paper? Then consider commissioning me! I guarantee properly-researched, grammatically correct, and well thought out pieces. I do technical and freelance writing for a living, but creative writing is so much more enjoyable for me.

Commission Status: Open

How It Works:

  1. Check commission status first! If it’s open, feel free to order away.
  2. Contact me, either by email or by filling out the form below with what you’d like done. Be sure to include a general outline or plot idea.
  3. Figure out what length you’d like it to be, and send payment (see Pricing below).
  4. Once payment has been received and confirmed, I will start working. I will send drafts for review and changes until the desired work is achieved. Depending on the length of the commissioned material, delivery of the final product may take anywhere from several days to a week. I ask that a minimum time of at least 3 business days be allowed  for work before the first draft is sent.


Note: Prices are subject to change without notice. Please confirm price with me before sending any payment.

  1. ~500 or less words: $5 USD
  2. ~1000 to ~2000 words: $10 USD
  3. ~3000 to ~5000 words: $25 USD
  4. Any commission longer than 5000 words in length, please discuss with me, and we will work out a price. I am also willing to do multi-chapter works, but those will come at an hourly rate rather than a flat fee.
  5. Payments via PayPal only at the moment.
  6. No refunds will be given after work is begun.


I will not accept commissions requesting the following:

  • Sexually explicit situations involving minors.
  • Discriminatory themes (e.g. racial, sexual, etc)

I reserve the right to refuse commissions that I feel are outside my ability to complete.

◊Contact Me:


or complete the following form


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